Charles T. McGrath



“Good morning, Godbless. Go ahead please.”

“God bless the children, god bless the beasts,

God bless the humble, god bless the meek,

God bless mothers, god bless sons,

God bless daughters, god bless families,

God bless flowers, god bless trees,

God bless mountains, god bless streams,

God bless the land, god bless the seas.

God bless the weary, god bless the weak,

God bless justice, god bless freedom,

God bless fathers, god bless patience,

God bless neighbors, god bless cultures,

God bless doctors, god bless teachers,

God bless lovers, god bless dreamers,

God bless the world and god bless me.”


“Thank you, your gods busy right now, I’ll substitute PEACE.”



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