Carolyne's Son



Charles T. McGrath





In the spring of youth death took my life, killing mother in the summer of hers. Who did this to me, who stole my soul leaving me wandering mad in search of dreamers’ thieves and lost innocence? Thirty three years fermenting in rage, this body praying only to reap revenge, while treading seas of consuming despair, made deeper each day, and I drown in these tears of pain. Who did this to me, who deprived my children my mother’s love? Come forward you faceless coward! I’ll rip out your heart and laugh – your mind to do as I so please. Come forward before I die, or pull this worn trigger of senseless pride.

“Cast your eyes on me you blinded bastard son of a mother breathing scum! Here I am you fool! What you expected to dream, mankind’s nigger, ruler of misery! Tell again what you’ll do to me, fool, I’ve been devouring flesh of idiots as you since the time of Eve. I should laugh! if not forbidden me, but smile I will, one less you’ll ever see. Look all around you ignorant dupe, I’m the Prince of Darkness conditioning minds for that time to be, when the condition of being is mine alone.


‘Carolyne knew, all too well, the only means of avoiding Hell. Roads of travails I plagued on her and still she scorned, never bowing or begging me. I had no choice, you will see, she would not surrender PEACE to me. Cancer I sent, then my evilest son, to ravage her, to consume her love, and still on her bed of grief, her children watching my son feast, she rebuked me, and died for PEACE. If I can’t have her then let no one, and I extinguished her light from the beacon of love.


‘Look around believer in myths, the war of the worlds, mine or his! I’ve created sons more evil in time, philosophies attributable to men, and impotent deities for which to die. Your king! Your king is who I seek, and mankind will deliver PEACE to me; to slaughter and eat, that Empire mine, and then Carolyne too will belong to me, Ruler of Eternity! Wake up fool, for you it’s too late, you’re being consumed by burning hate. Carolyn’s son you always were and in her image lay all men’s cures; but never will that world be one, for I have captured Carolyne’s son! Leave me now you blinded bastard son of a mother sucking scum, your servitude just begun, deliver to me your daughter and sons! Laugh I would… if not forbidden here, but smile I will, the last you’ll ever see.”

Resurrected from a grave nightmare, bedding drenched from excretions of fear, thirty-three years of rancor spent, cleansing clogged pores in one night of despotic torment. “Oh Satan, it’s you the fool, never again will I be your tool, on equal ground now, Satan, you and me, a war to wage, a war in PEACE! Laugh I  will… when the war is won, proving I am Carolyne’s son."





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