Distorting the Genre



Charles T. McGrath




Some works of fiction through time incite,

Conspiracy theories distorting the genre – it’s just a story right?

Soylent Green, 1984, Fahrenheit 451 are but a few,

Convincing troubled minds that fiction is true.


Distorting the genre with irreconcilable twists,

The Bible, Qur’an and Torah head the list,

Exploiting the ignorance of childhood instilling myths,

Clinging to fables and fantasies believing divine mandates exist.


Get back to reality pull your head out of the book,

Look at the result of fictions tyrannical hook,

Symbols and metaphors ever tightening Judas’ fist,

Global fascist gods of gold and silver still persist.


Expand your vision open your mind and think,

All work of fiction has a common link,

Great stories, some scary, some compelling too,

But the common link is that none of it is true.


Except the part about Globalists and gold,

For they are the ones writing the story to be told,

Fascism, you see, is a tedious quest,

And the use of fiction serves Capitalists best.


Pray all that you want, you’re only passing the buck,

To the very cabal who mired you in this muck,

Live life in Disneyland if so choose you do,

They’ll be only you to blame - believing fiction is true.








Written beneath human intellect believing fiction is true,

The end of the world on the last page.

Challenging human intellect into believing fiction is true.


Writing beneath the human intellect – scaring the pants off you and me,

Fables and fantasies proving how eager minds are convinced,

Fiction is fact and divine mandate allows us to exist.

Come back to reality! Get your head out of the book,

Expand the horizons open your mind and think,

Every work written has a common link,

When all is read the fact remains,

The good guy wins on the final page.

PEACE is a work in progress and the final chapter is grand,

A world without war – authored by man.

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