Charles T. McGrath



Black gold beneath the seas, Capitalists fueling prophecies. Madmen reborn from times before, practicing genocide preparing for war. History repeating, ask only the poor, history repeating, it’s always the poor.

Friend fleeing foe to where another is pinned, for what, what might have been? Dreams so old, tired and worn, held separated by barbed wire dripping crimson red. Another explosion rips a refugee camp, the irony being there all the same, but this one is different, for from the far distant center rises a solitary figure, one lone figure at last.

Cradled in one arm an infant in life, at her knee clung a child of three, while at her side stood her man, a boy of five, clinging the sleeve that once held her hand. Black robed from head to toe, only her eyes dared be exposed, but exposed they were for the world to see, a woman’s desire, a mother’s misery, and she commanded respect, “No more, no more, I declare PEACE on war!” And then began her powerful plea, in language understood through universal need, “PEACE!” Her cry was not soft, nor was it terse, just a single syllable uttered until it was verse, “PEACE”, and with a breath in between, “PEACE”.

Off of her back in a tower stand, rose yet another, a broken man; tall he stood, as tall as he could, seeing eye raised envisioning ” PEACE”, and with a breath in between. “PEACE”. From afar joined a child’s voice, so clear and pure like glacial ice, melting hearts once only stone, “PEACE – PEACE”, and what began one woman’s try, became mankind’s universal cry, “PEACE”, and with a breath in between, “PEACE – PEACE”.

Winds of harmony buried sands or rage, as waves of freedom washed beyond fortified graves, eroding borders and barriers forevermore; in PEACE you see, fear is extinct, war no more. There were convictions encountered along the way, but many overturned that very day; the very day PEACE was proclaimed supreme, bringing to Earth every conceivable dream.

 Details remained, some complex, some vague, but details created by the hand of man, and the power in PEACE demonstrated to all, that mankind’s problems are only Walls; and walls come tumbling, sometimes one stone at a time, until the love of PEACE swells mankind; and the joy in PEACE is watching PEACE grow.

Hot windblown desert sands, stilled by PEACE with the show of one hand; East meets West intermingling free, no middle to center apologetics to read; as PEACE rolls on washing, diluting, dispelling, dismissing; all intolerance now gone.

A she child from Asia in Palestine see, practicing PEACE in perfect harmony; her teacher a wise man in every sense, his classroom a Mecca for lost innocence. From one place to another, from here to there, comes the sweet sound of PEACE serving every care.

Cradled in one arm an infant in life, at her knee a child of three, while at her side her man, whom she took by the hand and led into the Promised Land, “PEACE” and with a breath in between, “PEACE”.




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