Final Arguments



Charles T. McGrath





Since long before time PEACE reigns supreme and long after Earth those conditions will remain. You the jury decide; shall Earth be or ostracized? Universal law allows each star to shine, living and learning, accepting PEACE in time. And hard did Earth toil in the beginning back then. Creating great mountains, and forests, oceans and streams: and animals, heavenly beasts, all working in unison, all serving PEACE. Ever ambitious, advancing to shine, to better serve PEACE Earth created mankind; to greater serve PEACE and even more, to travel beyond limits never envisioned before, living in PEACE for eternity.

But the evidence is overwhelming, like none before, mankind’s the creature who created war. In the Cosmos war does not exist, nor fear or hate, Universal PEACE our only mandate. Members of the jury we agreed to create a great star, to shine brightest in PEACE than any before, Earth our choice unanimously. Now in your hands lay Universal trust, now is the time to bring harmony.



Members of the jury I am Earth you see, no peers do sit in judgment of me. PEACE my cause never once without, so great my love I must prove no doubt. Man I created, to do as he please, to explore my being, my treasures and more, to feel emotions never experienced before, yes, even allowing the existence of war. For Earth to shine brightest in the heavens to see, I had to create humanity; to see and touch, to taste and smell, to feel and hear, to hate and rebel. I agree, as time goes on conditions seem worse, some actions of man can’t be put to verse, yet, mankind is my crowning glory, and the time is soon coming, it’s close at hand,

PEACE will be accepted in the hearts of man, and then you will see how bright Earth shines, with PEACE first and always on mankind’s mind.




 Members of the jury have you reached a verdict?

We have.

How so you find?

Guilty as charged but with reasons we trust, for never before in PEACE have we yearned so much, let PEACE reign supreme!




The absence of PEACE not ever known, Earth’s wisdom has truly shone, the perfect example, the creation of man. The time has come, Earth, it is at hand, deliver PEACE to the service of man. That is the law and you have no voice, serving PEACE your only choice. Bring all that you are and live in PEACE, or stand alone, but understand, your total destruction at the hand of man, and still, PEACE will reign supreme.




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