Gulag Earth



Charles T. McGrath

So heavy hangs my heart my head I cannot hold erect.

Why mankind, from all places, this case I plead cast me in a shadowy light?

What does it matter if sane or insane? Can’t you see Satan’s sons coming to

Claim every man, every woman, every child; every creature, every bird in

Flight; every flower, every tree, the sea; the very day the very night?


History forebodes the future to change depends on faith: Look to the

Heavens, what do you see? Look to the horizon, and what do you find?

Look to your feet, where do you stand? That mankind is Satan’s plan.

Princes of Darkness disguised in vestments and robes, governing labor

And deeds, dictating traditions, establishing needs; Jackals of hell serving

Capitalists feast.


From two, somewhere is written, comes seven billion, yet, who will survive?

Christian Jew Moslem Moon Atheist; Black Yellow White Red Communist;

Socialist Liberal Conservative Fascist Terrorist Masochist, who will survive?


That you would wait for signs supreme, visions of famine, disease, fear,

Fed by air and water manmade unclean; biding time for World War III,

Sanctioning hate, violence, apartheid, genocide; and always need, nourished

Healthy by cancerous fruits of prejudice and greed. And for those who would

Require more; abolish justice, for where is justice in a world so torn?


Scoff leaders of lambs to the kill; come armed with fear filled tales,

Come purveyors of reason, changers of will. Come mighty warriors

With weapons of horror and slay me in accordance with your benevolent

God’s lore. Come challenge me! I cannot flee, for your imprisoned here

With me.


Won’t someone, somewhere, stand with me? In the name of insanity if

Insanity rules, preserving humanity? Look one to the other, what do you

See? Now behind, and what do you find? Now look ahead, as far as you can,

That humanity is PEACE, beckoning man!





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