Charles T. McGrath



If a manifesto is required then let this be,

words to the wise willing to re-write history.

Old ways survive hard by those committed to die,

To die for malevolent gods, myths, lies,

To die so others may live – to die, to die.


Lying subjected before the throne,

Life is to kill defending barren homes,

Homes that grow larger consuming life,

No doors, no windows, dogmas caulking out the light,

No hope apparent only the chaotic blight.


How can this be treason when it is a manifesto to live?

Swear no allegiance to merchants of fear and hate,

No weapons or war rendering civilization prostrate,

No servitude or conscription in any cause,

Sanctioning theories of terror in any clause.


A manifesto like none before,

Declaring a world without war,

No violence fueled by madmen’s schemes,

The manifesto of PEACE,

directing mankind’s dreams.   


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