Occupy the World



Charles T. McGrath

Occupy Missoula, so it’s come to this?

Fine and dandy I’ll add my two bits,

Occupy the world, take to the streets,

A universal strike demanding world PEACE.

Hooligans and thugs stand aside,

Divide and conquer no longer alive,

No violence, no vandalism, no destruction or fights,

Just every man, woman and child demanding our rights.

The past reveals what is to come,

An attempt to smash what Occupy begun,

So horrendous, so destructive the attempt may be,

Exposing corporate governments choke hold on humanity.

Attend to neighbors, attend to friends,

Surrounded by family let the strike begin,

Stay where you are, occupy that space,

Shoulder to shoulder, all colors and race.

Occupy the World, a universal strike,

Occupy all means and services, refuse to fight,

Occupy cities, towns, villages, relocation camps,

Occupy nations and borders, every spot on the map.

Occupy seniors, take to the streets,

We still have a chance to right our mistakes,

Regardless of schooling, marriage, kids, mortgage, et. al.,

Down through the years we took our eye off the ball.

Seven Wars in our lifetime, all the horror and death,

Leaving to our children the impossible debt,

For my part, at least, I apologize, and take to the street,

Joining Grandma’s and Grandpa’s demanding world PEACE.

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