On Second Thought



Charles T. McGrath



What have I given you, is it enough?

A roof over your head and other stuff,

Clothes to keep warm, items of need,

Even extravagant fads possibly fostering greed.

Proper hygiene, that’s important you know,

As important as an education,

Offering healthy dreams on which to grow.


What have I given you, is it enough?

What values will pay the bills when the going gets tough?

Work hard, an honest day’s work,

Save something each day for practice makes worth,

And never draw to an inside straight.


What have I instilled in you, is it enough?

To carry on without me when the going gets rough?

A god to pray, a church to kneel,

A party label to wear if nothing more than to enable.

And defense! Weapons galore, from flag waving leaders,

To nuclear war.


When I’m gone there’ll be something at least,

To share in remembrance of me….on second thought,

I’d better leave the world in PEACE.

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