What Did You Say?



Charles T. McGrath


I’m scared, I said, I really am. I’m tall, I’m broad, and I am a man. But you heard me right, I’m scared. I’ve watched and seen, I’ve listened and heard, the world is exploding, and mankind’s a nerve. I’m scared, for this too is my plight: I’m scared, but who do I fight? There are no winners, let none deny, today we live, tomorrow we die.            

But because I am a man, I admit weakness and seek where I can. On my knees praying for a sign, for rhyme or reason, or are these thoughts only mine? When from above like the key to the vault, this thought occurs unlocking all doubt: we are wrong, you and me, because we fight we’re never free. There is a way, look closely, you’ll see, PEACE as we dream, you and me.

Now I worry, but for you I insist, for when PEACE is at hand will you resist?





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