Charles T. McGrath



The events of every day, whether at Arlee, Montana; Blacksburg, Virginia; Baghdad, Darfur, Caracas, Pyongyang, from every hemisphere, on every continent, in every village in every nation, no family is spared the sown seeds of fear and hate and the harvest of terrorism and death.

Nowhere is god or a group of gods, no nation or cabal of nations, no government nor clique of governments; neither religions nor philosophies, either rich or poor that can resolve the desecration of life and the destruction of the planet.

 What the past tells, subtly as with the evolution of weapons of mass destruction and the psyche to use them, all things being equal, mankind can only expect the worst; Armageddon, the Apocalypse, the Big One, the Whole Enchilada, Kaput.

Yet if each and every one of us unconditionally surrenders to the end of war as a means of resolving disputes, and collectively, through refusing military servitude, conscription, or support of any cause, secular or sectarian, that permits violence and fear as a means of justifying an end; and by refusing to contribute too and finance any and all means to promote war, denouncing doctrines that rationalize grief, suffering and death promising redemption; too that end, we will achieve a world without war. And to ensure a world without war unite in PEACE, www.PEACE.

In www.PEACE the scientific community is freed from concocting more sinister seeds of plague now to devote all their expertise cultivating the marvels of sustaining life and harvesting the mysteries of the universe. Intellectuals, doctors, teachers, artists, craftsmen, workers, farmers all, sowing their seeds in PEACE; to till and nourish, savoring the fruits designed in an even grander garden on earth living @www.PEACE.  

Impossible? Wasn’t it at some time in the past present conditions were deemed impossible given leaders attempts to prevent them? When? Now, or should we wait until earth and all environs are irreversibly at the mercy of chaos? Or should we wait for a messiah? And if so which one? Would others accept Christ assuming he appears? Would you accept other redeemers should they materialize?  When? Now is as good as time as any; feeding mankind’s needs, providing comfort and aid to the displaced, uniting and nourishing the deposed, a world where the thirst for liberty and freedom is quenched, uniting humanity in www.PEACE.

 The scientific and theological communities must join mothers and fathers of the world unconditionally opposed to the application of scientific and technological advances of weapons against mankind and convince would-be-leaders of the dire consequences of war, and that only through world disarmament can the human species begin to recreate civilization and preserve the planet. Any compromise short of total world disarmament only loosens the tourniquet around the throat of war, allowing that cancer to exist.

Come on line joining the continuously expanding demand of every man, woman and child on earth to connect to www.PEACE.




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